Capabilities Statement

Thank you for considering Altergott Forestry, LLC. We provide land & forest services to the residents of Northern Black Hills and the surrounding area. Our goal is to meet your service needs with the highest quality service.

Graduating from the accredited College of Natural Resources, the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, I have pursued my passion for sustainable resources and the care thereof.

My background of wildland fire suppression, logging operations, and forestry management has given me the experience from all sides. Every tract of land has sustainable, renewable and intrinsic value as it pertains to the wildlife, fisheries and products that can harbor from it.

It would be my desire to help accomplish the need of you, the landowner, and also keep safe the many traits and characteristics the land has to offer this generation and many more to come.There is a saying from past men that worked off the land, “Never make more foot on the ground than is necessary, and the land will give you more than what you need.”

Personally, I aim for finding the “sweet spot” of land management. This is the spot where you, the landowner can benefit from the resources and inherent value that it possesses without compromising the lands value or resource quality.

Ethical forestry stewardship starts with the knowledge of knowing how to utilize resources to accomplish a task. It continues when you teach those benefiting on how to use these “tools” each and every time. The land and everyone else can be sustained with a little practice and hard honest work that the generations to come will appreciate.

I look forward to helping the Black Hills become a safer and even more appreciated place to live and thrive. Please call us today for more information and I will be happy to help.

Adam J. Altergott
Certified Private Forester & Forestry Contractor
Altergott Forestry, LLC.