Past Performance

Contract Date: April 2014

Scope of Work: Storm damage cleanup of parks

Agency: Devils Tower National Monument

Contact Name: Jessica Weinman

Contact Phone: 307-476-5283

Contract Date: June 2014

Scope of Work: Storm damage cleanup, Hazard Tree Removal

Agency: US Fish & Wildlife Service

Contact Name: Mitch Adams

Contact Phone: 605-642-7730

Contract Date: December 2012 – Present

Scope of Work: Forest management and firewise enhancement

Agency: Woodlands HOA

Contract Amount: N/A

Contact Name: Jim Boke

Contact Phone: 605-645-5263

Contract Date: July 2014

Scope of Work: Pine beetle mitigation

Agency: Black Hills Development

Contact Name: Greg Kaschmitter

Contact Phone: 605-351-3895

Contract Date: October 2013

Scope of Work: ATLAS Storm damage relief effort

Agency: City of Spearfish / FEMA

Contact Name: Keith Hepper

Contact Phone: 605-645-3344